The Silly Sheep fibre company

Home to happy sheep & their beautiful fleeces.

The Silly Sheep fibre company is a small family croft enterprise we live in the West Mainland of Shetland. We started producing our own yarn while we were living in the Outer Herbrides to give our growing sheep family a purpose.

We now have 32 sheep who moved to Shetland with us including Hebrideans & their crossbred offspring, a few Scottish blackface, ( who were our original orphan lambs in 2013), Shetlands and Hebridean/Zwartbles crossbreeds. 

We have just bought 2 pure Shetland rams whole will help to produce lots of lovely new fleeces over the next few years.

We use our own fleeces and some from other local crofts to produce small batches of knitting yarns and fibres for spinning, weaving and felting.

All dyeing is done by us in small batches.



Punds, Walls, Shetland Islands ZE2 9PF



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